Saturday, 26 January 2013

Wind and rain mean the ride might be off

Andy's Kona on Kenley Airfield.
The wind has been rattling the windows and the rain has been frantically tapping on the glass for most of the night and now, at 0709hrs its still doing the same, although its dying down a little. It's odd as there's rain on the windows at the rear of the house but seemingly nothing out front. I don't mind the wind, but if it's raining too, then no way. I've sent a text to Andy suggesting we re-think and he's come back saying meet at 0830hrs instead. Now, at 0719, it's died down and I can hear the birds but then again, there's heavy gusts of wind so perhaps not. Hopefully, I'll be out of here and on the bike within the next 40 minutes.

Andy went out yesterday without me as I had things to do at home AND I was a bit knackered. More to report later, I hope.

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