Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Way to go, Obama!

How nice when commonsense prevails! Obama wins a second term! How nice to wake up and hear the   phrase, "...it's been a disappointing night for the Republicans." Thank God we don't have Mitt in the White House. How the hell could he hope of winning the prize on the ticket of repealing Obama's healthcare plans? Imagine a Tory over here going into a General Election on the ticket of closing down the NHS?

But it's more than that; Mitt Romney would have ushered back that George 'Dubya' Bush thing: throwing his weight around in the Middle East, he's already had a go at the Palestinians. This world just don't need that square-jawed, National Rifle Association gung-ho! thing any more, nobody wants it.

Now, how about a cool leader over here in the UK? If it's not Clegg and it's DEFINITELY not Cameron, then who is it? Is it the mild-mannered janitor? Nope. Is it Grant Shapps? No way!!!! Just because he's related to Mick Jones, former lead guitarist of The Clash, doesn't mean he's cool. Far from it! I'm amazed that Mick hasn't run off and hidden in the woods. Being linked to Shapps takes away any 'cool' he might have possessed. What about Michael Gove? Nope! They're all horrible! And let's be fair here, it's not Ed Miliband either...but it could be his brother David.

Anyway, enough politics. It's good news all round for the Americans.

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  1. I have to agree. Whilst Obama is a touch insipid, Romney had a large degree of "dishonesty about him".. gawd help us with his finger on the button!