Saturday, 3 November 2012

Rain stops ride...

Well, I say rain, looking out now it's grey and overcast and looks a bit threatening, but I can't see any rain. Earlier this morning, it was too dark to see anything, although when I checked one of the streetlights out front, I couldn't see even a speck of rain. Hold on while I check the birdbath (it's nearly 7am and fairly light out there), I think we've missed a trick, it looks quite pleasant. The skies were grey but the clouds are moving fast in a westerly direction, there's a mild breeze, but no, not a sign of rain. It was wet out there, though, and then, of course, there's always that Caterham/Sanderstead thing where it rains in Caterham and then it starts over here too, so I might be acting a little 'previous', if you get my drift.

I'm dressed and ready to go as I write this, having agreed to an 'abort' about half an hour ago, so I guess I could just nip out there and take a run round the block on the bike, but no, it's cosy here and there's always the chance that it will rain. And besides, there are things to do this morning. We've agreed to head out to Westerham tomorrow, weather permitting, so let's see what develops.

Time for a quick update on the news here in the UK.

Come on, Obama, we don't want some square
jawed Republican in the White House.
In the ongoing investigations into child abuse surrounding the late Jimmy Savile, comedian Freddy Starr has been hauled in by the police. He protests his innocence, but if he's found guilty, he'll bring a whole new meaning to the headline, 'Freddy Starr ate my hamster'.
• There's a lot of child abuse around at the moment. Now there's a case in North Wales. Apparently two people have contacted Newsnight (the programme at the centre of the Jimmy Savile scandal with the BBC) and said that a Thatcher-era Tory politician is involved in something seedy. I wonder who that is? Mind you, Wales is a bit of a dodgy place. Lots of things have been happening there of late.
After Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the USA, crashing into New York City, the death toll mounts and they've had to cancel the New York Marathon.
• We're getting to the moment when America votes on a new president: Obama or Romney. Surely we can't have a President Mitt? Here's hoping Obama wins a second term.
Over here in the UK, the electrical goods retailer Comet has called in the administrators.

And, as I gaze out the window again, no sign of rain. Yes, it's one of those mornings when I feel a bit disappointed that I haven't got out there and taken a ride. I still could, but I just know that I won't. Here's hoping tomorrow will be rain-free.

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