Saturday, 27 October 2012

Warlingham Green and no further

Another early start. Out of the house at 0630hrs, I discover a flat rear tyre but pump it up and hope it's just flat and not a puncture. I got all the way to the Green by which time it was flat again and, therefore, a puncture.

My bike, puncture fixed, on Warlingham Green around 8am.
In essence, it ruined any chances of a ride and, because we were on the green, it was noisy so, without having a handy bowl of water to detect the hole, it was fortunate that Andy had a spare inner tube.

Bike fixed, we decided that was it; Andy had stuff to do and had to go so I decided to head home too, reaching the house at 0815hrs.

We're going tomorrow and I must remember to put the clocks back, although I'm thinking of leaving them until after the ride; that way I'll be up on time and can travel back in time after breakfast (there's nothing better than living in the future even if it is only by one hour).

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