Friday, 12 October 2012

Pre-blog videos found...

Following on from our recent conversation about what we got up to in the pre-blog days – remember that we started cycling in August of 2006 but didn't start the blog until August/September 2009 – I've found some vintage video taken in pre-blog times.

The first is taken in April 2007 near Botley Hill looking down from the top of a steep downhill ride over grass that proved pretty bumpy. The second was taken in Warlingham, only yards from the green, in July and features Andy fixing a puncture having recently fitted Kevlar-enforced tyres on his old Peugeot bicycle.

The video of Andy is, for some reason, on its side, something I tried to rectify but couldn't. They're both fairly short, but evidence that life did exist pre-blog. Andy, I'll apologise now for the title of the puncture video and the car-screeching sound affects produced by the Sony Ericsson phone I owned at the time.

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