Monday, 8 October 2012

Apple cooler than Aston Martin?

First, don't get me wrong. I'm Apple through and through. They're much better and cooler than PCs and I've always had one. I won't go on, but look at the design! Check out the functionality. See them up close in any computer shop. They're a million times better looking than any PC brand. But Apple's getting cocky. Alright, the iPhone is great. I used to have one, but it's broken having been immersed in salty water. I own a Nokia C1 now, which, at first, I'll admit, I thought it was not cool at all. It's just a phone, everything else is rubbish. There's a crappy camera, it's back to predictive texting again and, well, that's it: it's just a phone. Like a tin of Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the tin and no more.
The iPhone – how can it be cooler than an Aston Martin?

But one thing that's great about it is this: it really is JUST a phone, so I don't spend time on trains fiddling around with it, as I did with my iPhone. Nope, the old C1 just stays in my pocket or briefcase until somebody calls me or I feel the need to call them. I don't take pointless photographs or videos and while I could listen to music if I wanted to, I don't. It's just a phone as I keep saying.

For many months I felt envious of iPhone users. I'd sit on the train reading a book or newspaper and occasionally glance up and find somebody fiddling with their iPhone. Oh how I wished I could fiddle with mine (the iPhone). But why would you want to fiddle with a Nokia C1? There's no reason at all because it's a boring, old-fashioned mobile phone that is only good for one thing: phoning people; which, after all, is what it's all about.

Unlike the iPhone, the C1's battery can remain charged for a week before going flat, probably longer, and this, no doubt, is because I'm not constantly fiddling with it, although I'm told that the older style mobile phone batteries tended to last longer anyway. The C1 is not as cumbersome as the iphone. It fits in the breast pocket of suit or shirt, it can even fit inside my wallet, I discovered last week.

And now I've started to notice that everybody has an iphone. EVERYBODY!!! And there on the train in the mornings they sit, fiddling around and I'm starting to think that Apple is no longer cool, they're losing it. Big time! How can anything be cool if everybody has one? To be cool is to be unusual. To be cool is to be set apart from the crowd. To be cool is to be different. To be cool is to go against the grain. And from where I'm sitting, Apple is doing the complete opposite. It's no longer cool to own an iPhone, but it's still cool to own an Aston Martin – although it wouldn't be if everybody had one on their driveways.

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