Sunday, 30 September 2012

How can I be envious of myself?

I know, it's sounds silly, but I'm really envious of myself. I've been down to Halfords, bought a Boardman Comp mountain bike for £650 and now I'm selling it for £550. Trouble is, it's such a good bike! Twenty seven gears for a start plus an aluminium frame, very lightweight and, well, it's just perfect.
Smart Lux 10 front light – it's very bright! Bring on the winter!

Still I mustn't diss the old Kona. The Boardman is on ebay now and you can see it on the post below this one. I bought it yesterday afternoon and I walked it home. No, I didn't ride it, although I'd like to ride it, it's brilliant!

Anyway, enough of that. I've bought some lights and fitted them on to the Kona. Smart Lux 10 rear and front lights, but it's the front one that takes the biscuit. Powerful lights! I know, I'm a big kid, but if you'd seen me earlier you would be very disillusioned. Why? Well, I was making a fuss. I just couldn't work out how to fit the bastards! I was swearing, losing my rag, everything, much to the dismay of those around me. Alright, I was keeping it down a bit (I was in my back garden) but for a while it was looking as if I'd have to drop the bike into Evans or one of the other local bike shops to where I live. I didn't have to in the end because I sussed it out and now the bike has front and rear lights. Surely, a momentus moment in history for NoVisibleLycra?

Today I had an urban ride. The ride was to Sutton to see mum and it took me roughly 30 minutes from door to door, which ain't bad.

Once at mum's I enjoyed two cups of tea, some bread and marmalade (Bon Maman) and a boiled egg and fingers. Lovely!

The ride out was tremendous as the weather was just right for cycling. It was so good, I found myself singing as I crossed the industrial estate and emerged near The Chase in Wallington and headed down Stafford Road, past Esporta and on towards the top of Wallington High Street.

I hung a right on to Boundary Rd, headed down towards the lights at Ruskin Road, turned left and powered towards the Windsor Castle on the lights where Pound Street joins the Carshalton Road. I was riding along Benyon Road, Carshalton. I turned right into Alma Road, left into Shorts Road, past Dog Shit Alley and then left on to Westmead Road and right into my old house on Rossdale, where mum still lives today.
The Boardman in the for sale on Ebay. Brand new, unused!!!
See previous post for link to the Ebay page and remember it's ONE HUNDRED

I went home the same way, mainly off-road (on pathways) and then through the council estate, up the Venning Road from Five Ways and then down past Whitgift School on Nottingham Road. I turned right on to the Brighton Road and then left into Jarvis and along the Upper Selsdon Road, turning right into Carlton Road, left into Essenden and then right on to West Hill.

A nice ride...but it might have been nice on the Boardman Comp MTB with it's 27 gears. Still, it's got to be sold to reduce debts and besides, my Kona's absolutely fine, especially now it's got some Smart Lux 10 lights. Can't wait for the clocks to go back!


  1. why are you selling it mate? are you doing a test? looks very good. As for lights. I send my Topeak batteries in for repair recently. They seem to go flat and don't charge. Well, you can now buy an entire light set with more candle power and features than just replacing just one battery!

    How times have changed.

  2. You might recall we had a Specialised mountain bike stolen. The insurance company gave us a voucher for £650, the value of the stolen bike if purchased today, so I bought the Boardman. Still unused and awaiting purchase via ebay. Strictly speaking it's my son's bike, but he's at Uni and owes us money so he said sell the bike and that's him out of debt. I said fine. Still, it's a lovely bike and ideal for me, but hey ho!