Monday, 10 September 2012

Bill Moggridge, inventor of the laptop, dies...

I thought I would mention the death, announced today, of Bill Moggridge, inventor of the modern laptop. Whether there's a family link between the late, great Bill and the UK-based Moggridge family, of which I am a member, I don't know, but considering that Bill invented the laptop, I thought it worth a mention on the pages of NoVisibleLycra.
Bill Moggridge, inventor of the laptop computer.

Sadly, Bill didn't enjoy a long life like my dad, but here's hoping he didn't suffer.

I know it's vain to Google yourself, but when I'm bored or at a loose end, I often click on 'images' where, among my own mug shots, I find photos of Bill Moggridge, one of which I've posted here. I'm guessing that Bill, when he was bored, probably Googled himself and found shots of yours truly.

My late father, Gerald Moggridge, who died on May 15th 2011, was a keen geneaologist. He never Googled himself for the simple fact that he wasn't on-line.

I now possess a proof copy of dad's excellent history of the Moggridge family, which spans 1680 to the present day. When it's generally available on Amazon, I'll post again, providing the link, but let me tell you now that's it's a work of sheer historical genius.

Click here for more on the late, great Bill Moggridge.

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