Sunday, 5 August 2012

Putting the i in the phrase To Let

Check out those blue skies! Pic taken on Sunday 5th August 2012.
Compared with Saturday's appalling weather, Sunday was just fine (until later on in the day). We decided to cycle to Westerham. The sun was shining, there were blue skies and all was good with the world.

When we reached Westerham green the benches were wet so we stood by Churchill's statute and drank our tea. A man with an old Velocette motorcycle arrived, a black one, and a handful of original Minis drove past.

Our fantasy bike shop was still displaying a To Let sign.

Andy asked, "Is it just me or does everyone have the urge to paint an i in a To Let sign?"
"No, I feel the same way too," I replied.
"That's good. I thought I was the only one."
Less than one hour later...storm clouds over at Andy's.
"The thing is you'd have to do it properly, with stencils and stuff. I think if I won the lottery I'd buy a van, get some stencils and a high visibility jacket – you've got to look the part – and then travel the country doing it."
"Yes, we'd have a great time – pub lunches, staying in a Premier Inn...."
"And I wonder how long it would be before the police stopped us?"
"Not sure, but it wouldn't be a big crime."
"No, because you're not damaging anything other than a To Let board, which is temporary anyway."
"I reckon people wouldn't even notice we were doing it."
"No, and invariably the places we'd be doing it to would be vacant, so we wouldn't be disturbing anybody."
"We'd need ladders."
"Yes, and a decent tool box full of different-sized stencils and tins of spray paint."
"And a Pantone book to match the colour exactly."
"More tea?"

The ride home was good. Andy parted halfway down the 269 and then, as we both approached home – Andy in Caterham and me in Sanderstead – we noted heavy black clouds over London. Fortunately, we both avoided a soaking this time round.

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