Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tatsfield Bus Stop and then Westerham...where Andy was 'nice and comfy...nice and comfy'.

Yours truly and Andy at the Tatsfield Bus Stop, 14 July 2012.
My bike is still lacking a rear brake and I keep meaning to take it down to Redhill to get it fixed. But all sorts of problems present themselves. First, there's that whole thing about will I or will I not get on the train. Theoretically, I won't as it's against regulations during peak times. But Purley Oaks is one of those stations where you just walk on to the platform. Nobody checks your ticket, meaning I can lift the bike up the stairs and jump straight on the train, ride one stop to Purley and then change trains for Redhill.
Proof that the sun did shine in Westerham on 15 July 2012
The big problem is if the guard on the train from Purley says no; then I'll have to ride the bike back home and come out again to get to work. The trouble is, there's no telling what's going to happen. Worst still is that I'm happy riding around with just a front brake. The rear brake does eventually work if I pump it, but it's not ideal – and all this because I took my bike to Halfords to get the rear brake repaired. I'm never going back there again. That's why Redhill's in the picture: because there's a decent bike shop there called C&N Cycles. They sell a lot of Cannondales.

Last weekend, even without a rear brake, was good. On Saturday, while we didn't get a soaking in the traditional sense, I took an early bath thanks to no mudguards. Andy made a point, when we reached the bus stop and I had that uncomfortable moment sitting down with a wet arse, of saying 'Nice and comfy, nice and comfy' while acting a bit like a hen incubating eggs. 'Nice and comfy, nice and comfy'.

We sought refuge from the rain the last time we
rode to Westerham.
The road was wet and there were plenty of puddles, that I tried to avoid, but it's dangerous doing that, swerving out to avoid water when there are cars coming along the road.

Sunday was a better day. There was still a lot of rainwater no the roads, but there was also a bit of sunshine and, unlike the last time we were in Westerham (when we sought refuge from the rain underneath an awning) this time we found that we could use one of the benches on the green, behind Churchill's statue.

Andy and I noticed that the Barclays Bank in Westerham had disappeared and a To Let sign had appeared on what is now an empty building. When we had our bike and café fantasy, we had earmarked the building rented by the scandal-ridden bank brand. Now it was up for grabs, but while we'd both kind of like to do something, we don't really have the inclination or the cash that's needed. And besides, it won't make any money. There are too many caffs and teashops in Westerham so we'd be relying on the bike shop for our survival. If the truth be known, we just can't be bothered.

We sipped our tea and headed home around 9am. I got home around 10.20am

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  1. Wet weather is not good for bikes or riders! Even my sons motocross bikes front fork seal blew because water and grit got in them on a wet and muddy day.. I really MUST get a ride in!