Thursday, 12 July 2012

Just a word on Halfords...

Make up your own mind on this one: I took my bike to Halfords to have the rear hydraulic brakes fixed. First, the bike was in the shop for a long time as they didn't have the part to fix it. Remember, we're talking about a shop that sells and repairs bikes. Eventually, I got the bike back but about two weeks later – after only riding the bike twice – the rear brakes were suddenly non-existent. Remember also that, while my bike is a 'dirt jumper', it's only used on the road. In other words, not heavy usage.

I called Halfords and they said it sounds as if the brakes need bleeding. Well, okay, but surely it is something hat Halfords should have taken care of? Obviously not.

The thing is, I'm not prepared to pay more to Halfords to fix my brakes; I've already paid them £40.

I've made the decision to take the bike to a 'proper' bike shop. I've found one in Redhill, but there's also Bike on the Brighton Road.

At the moment, if I pump the levers, it will stop, but I've got a front brake, so it's not proving too much of an issue. I'll certainly be riding this weekend, weather permitting, although, with torrential rain on most days, I might have to consider going out in it.

Halfords recently announced that their profits had plunged. I wonder why?

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