Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rain stops...and I ride to Woodmansterne Green

I hesitated quite a bit. I kept looking out the window at the fast-moving clouds travelling east and a puddle that had formed on the roof of next door's conservatory (well, it's probably not a conservatory, but some kind of flat-roofed extension) just to see if there were raindrops hitting the water. I paced around, looked out of the window, then stared at the wardrobe (which contained my cycling stuff) and then, when I noticed that nobody in the house seemed to need me I decided to head out.

Jon and yours truly relaxing on Woodmansterne Green, Sunday
June 24th 2012
First, I called Jon to see if he fancied a ride: he did, then I left the house at 0845 and reached the green at 0920. Jon arrived at 0930.

The weather had brightened up considerably, the ride was good - and much needed. We chatted about dad and how, while we both accepted that he'd gone, it was still pretty strange. I said I have difficulty working out exactly where he is; he's no longer on the planet, so where is he? Does he exist in any form? And of course, there are no answers to such questions. It's all very baffling. The key is to get on with life.

My Kona Scrap, rear brakes fixed and nice and clean too!
Reached home around 1110 feeling a little tired if I'm honest. Only got six hours sleep last night, having sat and watched Stewart Lee on YouTube – he's excellent. I also watched interviews with Will Self and a couple with Liam Gallagher and Ian Brown, not forgetting Morrissey on The One Show.

Hopefully all this on and off weather will cease and we'll start to get a decent summer. The longest day has been and gone and from now on it only gets darker – a metaphor for life if ever there was one.

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