Sunday, 17 June 2012

No bike until mid-week...I hope!

Sunday 17th June 2012, 2140hrs: Have enjoyed the weather, which has been changeable this weekend, but largely very good (sitting in the garden with a beer sort of weather) I've kind of missed the bike and the exercise it brings me.

For whatever reason, Halford's still haven't fixed it. They've had it since Wednesday but haven't managed to get a delivery of the parts needed. Hopefully, it'll be this week otherwise I'll have to go retrieve the bike and take it elsewhere.

It's dark outside now and my conservatory is illuminated purely by the halogen glow of the computer screen. In fact, all the lights are off and the garden is still visible, just. Later this week, on the 21st, we'll have the longest day and then it'll start getting darker again as we hurtle towards the winter. Let's hope the summer picks up.

Andy, if you're reading this, talk during the week. My plan is to pick up the bike on late-night shopping day, assuming it's ready, so I should be fine for a ride next Saturday morning. Let's hope the weather holds. I'm also assuming that you DID go out and take advantage of the great weather. Talk soon.

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