Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee...I've got to go and it's raining

I would have gone out for a ride this morning if I'd had time yesterday to fix the puncture. I went to Halfords, bought the leeches and then went out for the whole day, returning around 10pm, so I simply didn't have time. Andy's back from the Lake District so hopefully we'll be out tomorrow and Tuesday.

Don't count on any of our current rock stars to rock the boats.
Just for the record, it's Diamond Jubilee Weekend (day two) and guess what? We've got tickets for the celebrations in Battersea Park. I know, I'm not a Royalist, but I've kind of got to go. The mother-in-law got the tickets and I've gone and committed myself. It's going to mean standing around with a load of pro-monarchy types (you know the sort: they camp out all night and wave plastic Union Jacks at passing Royals) in the annoying drizzle, just watching the Thames and feigning interest and excitement. "Ooh! Look! It's a boat!" And then, at some stage, coming home, on the train, with the rest of the crowd.

Still, it's got to be done! Well, no it hasn't, but I'm going to have to grin and bear it. Staying at home alone would be better: if the weather clears, I could nip out for a ride on the bike, possibly stop off at a local pub, enjoy a pint and then cycle home, have something to eat, watch a bit of TV...but no, I've got to go out in the rain, catch a train and then spend the day looking at the Thames.

I've been watching a bit of the coverage on BBC Breakfast and there was what's her name, Louise Minchin, umbrella over her head in the drizzly greyness of London, pointing out a few ordinary-looking boats that are just about visible on the equally grey Thames. Big it up as much you like, it's going to be very drab, very grey and very,very boring – not to mention very, very, VERY WET!

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