Friday, 22 June 2012

The bike's back home...and I narrowly miss a soaking

The worst thing about having your bike in the repair shop – in my case Halford's on the Purley Way – is that it's miles away from the house and unless I get a lift down there, I've got a long walk ahead of me. Factor in the reality of working all day, leaving only the evening to pick up the bike, and you have one of those situations: you're tired after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is walk all the way to Halford's and then cycle all the way back home.

I badgered my wife for a lift. I told her I would drive down there and get as near as possible, turn the car around and then go and get the bike while she drives back home. Deal. So off we went last night. I picked up the bike and engaged in the usual chat I get whenever my bike has been in the repair shop.

People like the Kona Scrap for a number of reasons: one, it's a great-looking bike; two, it's sturdy and inspiring; and three, it's a Kona Scrap. And then there's the Spongy Wonder – always a conversation starter. So, after chewing the fat with the shop assistant (who thought I was in to dirt jumping – that's a cycling sport and the Kona Scrap is specifically designed for it) I headed outside to face the decidedly unsettled weather.

Remember, I was wearing a suit – fortunately an M&S washable suit – so I did the sensible thing and tucked my right trouser leg into my socks and then headed for home. All the way home it threatened to pour down. The skies were getting blacker by the minute, the wind was picking up and I was convinced that I would take a soaking. Fortunately, though, I didn't. I managed to get all the way home bone dry and now, as I write this, the bike is in the garage, I've just finished watching Graham Norton and I've got to hit the sack. Why? Because I've got to get out on the bike tomorrow – let's hope it doesn't rain.

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