Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Charity bike riders ask: What? No free beer? after Reigate pub stops offering its free pint!

A free pint after a long charity bike ride? Not this year! Shame on Reigate's
Black Horse pub.
Times must be tough! The Black Horse Ride, which starts and finishes at the Black Horse pub in Reigate, Surrey, has announced an end to its free pint of beer for riders who complete the course.

NoVisibleLycra has learned from the ride's organiser that the most welcomed pint EVER – the pint consumed AFTER cycling 35 miles for charity – is no more. There's still a free burger, but what's a burger without a pint?

And what's more, how tough have things got for the Black Horse, long-time supporter of the charity ride, to give up the ghost and make the ride LESS attractive for those considering raising money for charity – in this case for a multiple sclerosis therapy centre for MS sufferers in Croydon and Sutton.

Alright, I can afford to buy my own pint, but a free pint of bitter after completing a charity bike ride is all part of the incentive to get out there and get back to base again.

It's not going to stop NoVisibleLycra, but its not good news, that's a fact.

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