Saturday, 10 March 2012

Woodmansterne Green to see Jon...

Jon and Matt, Woodmansterne Green, March 10th 2012.
Woodmansterne Green. It's been a long time. Can't remember when Andy and I last turned up there, but it was a while back. I was planning a visit last Boxing Day but it wasn't to be, but suddenly, there I was cycling along the Foxley Lane a little later than planned. I was alone. Andy had gone down with a bad cold. After the ride, long after the ride, I called him. Actually I was returning his call. I'd been in Richmond all day, mooching about. Andy had texted me saying he'd caught cold and when I spoke to him, well, he sounded pretty rough. He's not going tomorrow either.

It was good to see Bon again. He was wearing those slippers we once photographed, although they were looking decidedly older. We sat on the carved out tree and drank tea, then took a wander around the Green. The weather was good, not cold.

My bike needs a clean. The chain is rusty and I've got to sort it out before it needs repairing. When I say it's rusty, it's RUSTY! It's BROWN with rust. How it got that way I don't know, but I had a few gear-changing issues as I turned into my road. I reached home around 1030hrs as Jon and I sat and chatted about this and that. No cereal bar today.

Lots coming up. We've got the Black Horse Ride on May 13th. Can't wait for that and here's hoping it doesn't rain. Then there's the overnight London to Brighton. Not sure about that, but it looks as if it's on the cards; and Andy's talking about a Caterham to Brighton and back ride, which sounds appealing.

Woodmansterne Green, Saturday 10 March 2012.
When my dad was a kid – well, a teenager – he and his mates used to cycle from Wandsworth in South London (where they lived) to Worthing and back in a day. It used to take them four hours to get there, then they'd spend four hours on the beach relaxing and taking a dip, and then they'd ride back. By 4pm, they'd be back home in Wandsworth...and probably ready for good night's kip.
Perhaps the Caterham-Brighton-Caterham run would be a fitting tribute to the old man.

The foot's better, by the way. I wouldn't say completely recovered, because I get the odd twinge, but give or take, I'm rolling again.

It's nearly 11pm and I'm watching Tokyo Drift. I thought it was going to be rubbish, but it's turning out to be quite good. I'd love to go to Japan.

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  1. good to see you are rolling again! What is it with y Englishmen and rusty bikes?? its almost a badge of honor!!