Monday, 20 February 2012

A great weekend of cycling

Yours truly and Andy in the churchyard at Limpsfield, Sunday 19 February 2012.
A huge, pond-like puddle on the Titsey off-road track.
A fast ride on Saturday to Botley Hill and back – with no tea – meant that both Andy and I returned home earlier than usual. Then, on Sunday, we trod new ground and headed off road through the Titsey estate, reminded all the way down that there was 'no cycling' allowed. But it didn't stop us enjoying the best bit of off-roading we've experienced in a long time. When we eventually emerged on to a tarmac road near Limpsfield Village we found a churchyard to enjoy our tea and cereal bars before heading off in the direction of the dreaded Titsey Hill. It's easily the worst hill of the lot and to make it worse still, we had competition – from a runner.
My bike, Botley Hill car park, Saturday 18th February 2012.
"I'm sure you'll beat me," he said.
"I wouldn't bet on it," I replied.

Andy's bike, Botley Hill car park
I was right. While it was close, he was always yards ahead throughout most of the hill. I closed up the gap near the top, but then, realising I was changing gear he started to sprint to the finish. Mind you, he didn't have a rucksack full of tea-making paraphenalia and the odd spanner – that's my excuse!

Sunday was a brilliant day for cycling: a clear day (we could see the whole of London at one point on the B269 on our return journey). The off-road bit was amazing and we'll be doing it again, that's for sure.


  1. No tea???? oh dear! I met a runner in the national park here. He was American and his goal was to jog all the national parks of Australia. Frankly I thought he was a nutter... then he jogged past me on a hill in the bush and I saw him toweling down at his car 20 km on... he said " I can beat most bike s in tough terrain" frankly it "head fucked me" ( oops cn i use that language here mate??

  2. Hi, Simon, yes, you can use language like that here, we're all open-minded. Hope you're well over there in Oz. Matt.