Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A winter wonderland!

Yours truly 'doing a Shackleton'.
These two pics were taken in April 2008, long before was conceived and, as I was saying to Andy last week, I don't think they've ever been published.
Why Andy was smiling I don't know.
In April 2008 it snowed. Onc minute there was no snow and we'd managed to cycle all the way to the Tatsfield Bus Stop. But soon the snow came and we had to get home. At first, it seemed like fun, cycling in the snow, but our giggles turned to grimaces as the cold set in.

When I was at school, we used to call ugly people 'face ache'. As in, "Oi! Face ache!" But now, as we headed back along the B269 in the snow, our faces were genuinely aching. It wasn't pleasant and we were both glad to reach home.

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