Monday, 17 January 2011

To the Tatsfield bus stop...we're back in action!

Andy and Matt at the Tatsfield bus stop, Sunday 16 Jan 2011.
It's amazing how a month off of the bike can be so damaging. I was having real difficulty climbing up Church Way (childhood home of supermodel Kate Moss) and I was feeling very sluggish as I cycled along the Limpsfield Road towards Warlingham Green. It seemed as if it was taking ages and, to be honest, I was even thinking of suggesting to Andy that we simply have our tea on the Green and go home again – but, thankfully, I didn't.

We opted for the Tatsfield Bus Stop, the fast way, with the possibility of extending it to Tatsfield Village, but in the end we settled for the bus stop. Andy brought out the cereal bars, I sorted out the tea and we sat there admiring the (ahem) view.

Andy had a great time in Jamaica where it was 30 degrees and hot, compared to minus God knows what here in Blighty. However, despite the warmth – and the fact that Andy wore nowt but T-shirts and shorts throughout the whole Christmas period – the indigenous population of the Caribbean island were being advised to wear socks in bed as it was deemed to be colder than usual.

There was no internet access so Andy couldn't keep in touch with NoVisibleLycra, but there was nothing worth keeping in touch about as we didn't go cycling due to the snowy weather.

Andy's flight took off from Gatwick and then the airport was closed down, so he just made it, but the flights were good - nine hours out, seven back – and it goes without saying that Andy was glad to get back to work on Friday and enjoy the shit that is England: the coalition, shitty television, moaning minnies and the like.

I think he did miss the cycling, though; I know I did.

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  1. I shudder to think how I am going to feel when i jump back on... I think I am going to ride the flat polo fields first