Thursday, 14 October 2010

Blue skies and sunshine – in October

Blue skies along Pilgrim's Lane on Sunday 10th October 2010
Just thought I'd throw in this shot taken around 10.30am on Sunday morning, October 10th, just to show how amazing the weather was last weekend.

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  1. Blue skies! we had years of it here with the drought and all.

    Mate- thanks for dropping by my blog! Tell; your wife - yes thats a diamond python which has lived with us for 7-8 years now. It lives in the roof above the kitchen and comes down onto the deck and hedges. WhenI fist discovered it I had the National parks come and remove her. I did not realise they are territorial and unless removed a minimum of 10 miles will escape and return, which she now We just live with her.. Quite a talking point when we have friends over for a bbq! :o)

    I will post a short video for you to she of her. She is massive as thick as my arm.. Enjoy some biking this weekeknd! We are getting ready for massive storms!