Sunday, 18 July 2010

To the Tatsfield Bus Stop – and I missed a soaking

The Tatsfield Bus Stop, Sunday 18 July 2010.
Well, I didn't miss a soaking, in the sense that I longed for one, but didn't get one; I was sitting at home, early in the morning, looking out of the window and, lo and behold, it was raining outside. This was just gone 8 o'clock as I was contemplating a cycle. Surely rain wouldn't stop play, I thought, but it was tipping it down.

And then it stopped and I figured it was the summer so if it started again, it would do me no harm, ie, I wouldn't be cold and wet (just wet) so off I went wondering which route to take. Woodmansterne was out and I didn't fancy retracing yesterday's route so I headed for the Tatsfield Bus Stop.

Andy was working today so I was on my own again, but pleased that I was motivated enough to get out alone, even if the bus stop was a little bit lonely. I sat there playing with my iphone – I sent Andy a pic and he later replied, asking whether I'd been flipping teabags. The answer was no as I didn't bring the tea with me – I couldn't possibly drink a whole litre of the stuff.

Watched a few 'lycra clad' racing bikes whizz down the hill towards Westerham (one bloke was on the phone, what a cock!) but then it was time to head home – the fast way.

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