Sunday, 4 July 2010

Saturday and Sunday (3/4 July) – to Merstham for tea and toast, and the Tatsfield Bus Stop

Yours truly and Andy at the Tilburstow Hill car park, Saturday
Hot weather. Too hot in many ways, but who's complaining? Not me. Right now, for instance, it's 0451hrs and I've been awake since around 0400 and have decided to come downstairs and write this blogpost. There's nothing better that decent weather where cycling is concerned.

On Saturday, Andy and I set out for Merstham and Hunger's End where we enjoyed tea and toast and a general chinwag. Jon couldn't join us this weekend. There was some kind of summer fayre going on in Merstham's Quality Street – how about that, a street named after a box of chocolates! It was all very quaint and very English and there was a song playing, 'Let Your Yeah be Yeah and Your No be No'. All the way home up Markedge Lane I couldn't get it out of my mind and, when nobody was about, I sang it out loud to take my mind off the hill. But who the hell performed it? All weekend it bugged me. I thought it was Johnny Nash (he of There are more questions than answers...and the more I find out, the less I know) but I don't know; in fact I've yet to find the answer, hold on, I'll check on Google...I was right, it was Johnny Nash!

The Quality Street Fayre in Merstham on Saturday 3 July
On Sunday we did a short run to the Tatsfield bus stop as we were both feeling a little tired due to the weather.

I realised how heavy my thermos flask can be when filled up with water, but, as we sipped tea and flipped our teabags on to the grassy space in front of the bus stop – it's a game we play – I forgot about it, and besides, the more tea we drank, the lighter it became. The tea bag game is simple: the idea is to see how far we can flip a teabag using a small teaspoon. The furthest distance wins. Very sad, but teabags are biodegradable so who cares?

In the heat of the Sunday morning sun – the Tatsfield Bus Stop
What could have been a comedy moment was when a woman from Tatsfield village turned up to place a noticeboard on the grassy space advertising a display of local artists in the village hall. Had she arrived moments earlier than she did, she might well have been hit with a warm, wet, teabag.

We cycled back along the B269 and parted company at the Good Companions pub at Hamsey. A good weekend's cycling.

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