Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Lymestone Brewery – it brews some excellent cask ale...

I was fortunate enough recently to enjoy a pint of Stone Cutter in a Wetherspoon pub in Highbury & Islington. The beer was simply the best I've tasted in a while so I nipped up to Stone in Staffordshire where the Lymestone Brewery is based and met the founder, proprietor and brewer, Ian 'Brad' Bradford, an excellent chap.
Ian Bradford's Kona Blast.

Beer is not really a part of this website, which is all about cycling, but mention has to be made (and a plug given) to the Lymestone Brewery for just being such a great place with a good vibe selling some excellent cask ales.

If you want to check out the brewery, I suggest you click here

The photograph is of Ian's Kona Blast – he cycles around 10km to work most mornings.

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  1. its my view that, having done a bike ride in England from pub to pub, that beer can be a part of the bike blog :o)

    English ale is the best in the world IMO