Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A 'new' cycling circuit...(ish) – July 10th and 11th

Andy wasn't going cycling on Saturday and with Jon on holiday in Portugal, it was down to me to get off my sorry arse and get moving. Motivation, that's the key, and I didn't have any; instead, it was the hot weather that forced me out of bed nice and early...only to find me lounging around the house at nearly 0800hrs wondering what route to take.

Looking up Hesiers Hill from the bottom, Saturday 10 July 2010.
I decided to head out for Botley Hill, go round the mini roundabout and return home, possibly stopping off at the Village Café on Warlingham Green and then returning home. Except that, half way along, I decided to do something different. Yes, I'd go to Botley, the fast way, and head down towards the Tatsfield Bus Stop but instead of reaching our wooden shelter (very handy in the rain and snow) I took the road to Beddlestead, wherever that is, and followed the road downhill while thinking to myself – as the hill went on and on and on – that, at some point there would be payback in the shape of a huge hill.

A pleasant-looking field on Beddlestead Lane, Saturday 10 July 2010.
The weather was fantastic and when I reached the bottom of the hill I stopped and listened to a field of sheep. Baa! Baa! Baa! Or words to that effect. I took a few photographs. What was really nice was the peace and quiet; nothing but the sound of the sheep, and rolling fields on either side.

Photographs taken I headed on up the hill (not too bad, but quite tough on a hot day, it has to be said). Once at the top I turned left and then immediate right, followed the road for a few yards before turning into Church Lane and basically following that road towards Warlingham Sainsbury's.

Looking at a map of the area, the long downhill stretch was Beddlestead Lane followed by the steep Hesiers Hill and then a short stretch of Fairchildes Lane before turning right into Church Lane. Church Lane then crosses Ledgers Road and becomes Chelsham Common Road and then the Chelsham Road towards Warlingham Sainsbury's and, of course, a right turn on to the Limpsfield Road (B269) and home.

Incidentally, had I followed Fairchildes Lane a little further, I would have stumbled across the White Bear, a nice little pub offering decent food and a barbecue when its hot. I had dinner there on Sunday evening accompanied by a pint of Harvey's – very nice! Click here for more details.
Yours truly (left) and Andy at the bottom of Hesiers Hill, Sunday 11 July 2010

Actually, looking at the map, there's some interesting routes that would make decent cycling circuits and I've noticed a off-road path called Railpit Lane.

Sunday and Andy was back. I had to cut it short due to family commitment but we re-traced my route, stopped and took some photographs at the bottom of Hesiers Hill and then carried on towards home.

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