Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Images from the weekend's cycling

I arrived early on Warlingham Green on Saturday and had
time to take this photo of my bike resting on the memorial

Normally, I'm a little late and it's Andy waiting on the Green, but this weekend, the good weather prompted me to leave on time. This shot taken prior to heading towards Merstham via Gangers Hill.

Jon's broken right pedal – who said Konas
were tough mountain bikes?

Jon's broken pedal prompted him to wonder why his Kona Fire Mountain wasn't a little tougher. Jon uses it mainly on the road but, in just a year of cycling only at weekends, the pedal is in a right mess (see above).

Andy attempts to fix Jon's pedal outside of
Hunger's End in Merstham, Surrey

Andy tried to take Jon's old and broken pedals off but it wasn't possible. Jon later told me he'd go to Halford's and get it repaired – so, new pedals on Saturday, Jon? Or, as dad might have said, "New pedals, Jorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn?"

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  1. sadly, some components are not the best, but even the expensive ones can break as they are sometimes machined to make them lighter.
    I remember riding a racing bike 20km with only one pedal and my left leg doing all the work...ouch!