Thursday, 10 June 2010

Check out Gravelo's blog!!!!

Gravelo's brother-in-law's bike. Check out that crank set
If you're logged on, Gravelo, just to say you're blog's looking good. Love your brother-in-law's bike! Fantastic! To others reading this post, go to Gravelo's blog by clicking here, and then scroll down a few posts until you reach a pic of Gravelo's brother's bike, it's amazing, here's a pic of it (see above).

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  1. Moggy, I posted that as a crack on my brother in law, but it is a real bike. There is a reason why they call him "Animal," but nobody, I mean NOBODY! could ride that gear on gravel. I think this bike was part of a speed record attempt, and the rider had to be pulled behind a car at 35+ mph to even be able to turn it over. A person could literally stand on the cranks and not turn it! Thanks for the kind words, and "back at ya!"