Monday, 31 May 2010

Woodmansterne Green – and we discover a park bench

Joyce Lowther's park bench on Woodmansterne Green
Not a great deal to report about today's cycle to Woodmansterne Green, other than the weather was pretty overcast and looked as if it might rain at any moment, despite forecasts to the contrary by the TV weathermen. It's still pretty dreary out there now.

Left the house later than usual – around 0745hrs – and reached the green around 0820hrs. We, that is Jon and I, chewed the fat about this and that and then set about trying to find an interesting photograph. We found this park bench, which is about as interesting as Woodmansterne Green gets; it's dedicated to Joyce Lowther who was born in 1914 and died in 1994, aged 80.

Assuming the bench had been in place since 1994 or thereabouts, it's odd that neither Jon nor I had noticed it before; clearly we're always too wrapped in the mundanities of our lives to notice old Joyce Lowther's memorial; but now, of course, we'll always remember it and might even use it the next time we cycle to the Green. I like that bit of concrete in front of the bench – somewhere to put the flask, unless, of course, she's buried under there; let's hope not.


  1. its raining cats and dogs here too. Sad to hear of the drama in cumbria too

  2. Yes, the Cumbrian thing was pretty bad; it's happened here twice before (Dunblane and Hungerford) but I really don't think its preventable. People just snap and that's it and if they have a gun or two in the shed, then, if they're really crazy, they go on the rampage. Sad for those involved, but I'm sure the media will make a circus out of it, as usual.