Sunday, 11 April 2010

Warlingham Green to Godstone Green via Gangers Hill

Our bikes in front of Bar Pond, Godstone, Surrey
Yesterday the sun shone brightly as I rode alone to the gloomy Woodmansterne Green. Today, there was cloud. Yesterday, wearing a Tee Shirt and jeans, I walked across the sand on the south coast at Felpham. Today I donned a jumper as I headed out towards Warlingham Green to meet Andy.

Still fuelled with the excitement of a new route, we were heading off for Godstone but not to the church. This time we were going to Godstone Green via Bar Pond. When we got there we discussed the ducks on the smaller pond on the green. There in the middle was a duck house, but we figured it must have been pretty cramped in there at night, judging by the number of ducks that emerged as we sat there on a bench.

"What if one of them farts?" said Andy.

A good point, I thought.

"I've never heard a duck fart, have you?" I asked.

"No," said Andy.

"More tea?"

A man turns up in full leathers on a big Japanese cruiser.

"It's probably the best option: first, it's Japanese, then it's shaft drive," I said.

"But Harley's are belt driven and they're just as reliable," said Andy.

We sipped our tea, munched on our cereal bars and then the phone rang. It was Jon. He was at Woodmansterne Green and about to head off for mum and dad's in Carshalton.

"It was Jon," I said, hanging up.

We admired the houses surrounding the green.

The pond on Godstone Green, home of many ducks who live
in a duck house in the middle – a bit cramped for so many ducks
"I bet it costs an arm and a leg to live round here," said Andy.

"Yeah, definitely. I'd like to live in the big yellow house over there, it's a semi but, yeah, fucking pricey," I said.

"Getting into London would be a problem," said Andy.

"No, it's direct; probably only takes about half an hour, if that to Croydon," I said.

"Yeah, I suppose so," said Andy.

"I wouldn't mind a radio-controlled duck for that pond," I said.

"We'd better be getting a move on," said Andy.

And off we went.

"I'll keep the camera out so we can take a picture of Bar Pond," I said.

My bike in a similar pose to yesterday's on Woodmansterne Green
Andy reckons the bloke on the cruiser is in IT.

"He's hiding behind the leathers. Note his got short hair so he can just jump into the suit tomorrow," I said.

And then, as we passed him, "Alright?"

He nodded in acknowledgement.

"I reckon he's waiting for some-one," I said.

"Yeah, lucky it isn't raining, then," Andy said, alluding to last Saturday when I stood him up in monsoon conditions in order to remain warm and dry.

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