Saturday, 3 April 2010

A depressing start to the cycling weekend...

Well, I can understand Andy not being too happy this morning. In fact, as I write this, he is riding home to Caterham from Warlingham Green in the rain, having stood in the rain for about 25 minutes longer than normal waiting for yours truly to arrive.

The annoying thing is that I was up early, I'd pumped up the slow puncture and set off way within time to be at the Green around 0720, but, as I climbed up Church Way, the front tyre began to wobble and I realised that what was a slow puncture had suddenly become a fast one: the tyre was flat.

To make matters worst, my mobile was displaying a 'no service' sign, which meant that I couldn't call Andy to explain the delay. There were no phone boxes so I had to return home to use the landline and then fix the puncture.

While fixing the puncture, down came the rain and I know for a fact that there's no cover at the Green, so when I called, having fixed the puncture, let's just say that Andy was a little abrupt. I think I heard something about standing around in the fucking rain followed by a quick 'see ya' and the phone went dead.

To be honest, though, it would have been pointless going out. By the time I'd reached the Green, soaking wet, Andy would have been wetter and we'd probably have decided not to bother going any further. Right now, we'd both be on our way back home in the rain.

Still, there's always tomorrow, mind you, now that I've finished writing (at 0810) it seems to be brightening up. Hold on, though, nope, it's still raining. Mind you, it's the Easter weekend, which means shit weather all round. I wonder if we'll get out at all. Having said that, if it does clear, I'm going out.

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