Monday, 22 March 2010

Sunday 21 March 2010 - the Tatsfield Bus stop

The rather uninspiring view from the Tatsfield bus stop. This is exactly what we see as we sip our tea and munch on our cereal bars. Nice, innit?

Going the slow way to the Tatsfield bus stop is no mean feat, as I always tend to say when we reach the off-road stretch in Woldingham, near the golf course there. It's quite a haul, actually, and that's why it's great to reach the bus stop and break open the flask of tea.

Andy and I sat there discussing a new route for next week (which I've detailed on

I love it when we discover a new route and this one is a real humdinger as we manage to end up in Hunger's End at Merstham in Surrey, probably just in time for when it opens at 0900hrs.

How to describe the route? Well, actually, I'll say no more, just go to the link above and you can read all about it. It is, however, slightly ridiculous how excited I get over things like this, but I just can't wait until next weekend.

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