Monday, 1 February 2010

31 Jan 2010: Woodmansterne Green in the cold

Top shot of Andy and Jon on the Green – we found somewhere different as all our pix were looking a bit samey – and the second shot is a self portrait of yours truly wearing the terrorist balaclava.

Yes, I know, we went to Woodmansterne Green again, but to be fair, it was really cold. So cold that I wore my balaclava, only to discover that it wasn't that cold and then to realise that it was that cold and the reason I felt warm was because I was wearing the balaclava.

At the green and the conversation turned to modern art. Andy said that anything called an 'installation' was not art. He was referring to the artist who likes to throw things away, crush his personal belongings, that sort of thing.

We chatted about a lot of other things too, but putting them into print would be a bridge too far. Suffice it to say that we had a good laugh even if it was cold. Alright, we were talking about people that turn up at A&E with strange objects inserted in strange places, but that's it, other than to say that if we were that way inclined – and we're not, I hasten to add – we'd have to leave the country, if anything appeared in the local press, and live the life of a hermit, in exile and in shame. The humiliation!

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