Friday, 8 January 2010

Punctures, cold weather and loads more snow...

My garden in the snow last January (2009) but it looks roughly the same at the moment!

Just been on the blower to Andy and it transpires that we both had punctures at exactly the same time last weekend. Having just left Andy at the top of Foxley Lane in Purley, I noticed that my front wheel was unusually wobbly. It turned out that I had a puncture. It was too cold to fix and I knew I had no more than a 20 to 30 minute walk at best so off I toddled in the direction of home.

Andy, on the other hand, had a puncture at roughly the same time and managed to get as far as the Godstone Road before deciding it needed to be fixed. Both punctures were on the front wheel and Andy had much further to travel so he fixed his there and then: it was a case of fix it or endure a walk in the cold for around an hour.

It's now Friday evening, just gone 7pm, as I write this and it really is brass monkey weather outside. The BBC news website is forecasting more cold weather and loads more snow for the South East (Kent and Surrey) so it looks as if the cycle might be off. Besides, I've yet to fix my puncture, it's been so cold. Sunday will probably be even worse so there's a good chance that all cycling activity this week will be off.

Andy and I have decided not to go and I need to relay this info to Jon. There's nothing worse than not going cycling at the weekend but let's not forget, there's always next weekend!!!

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