Saturday, 30 January 2010

30 Jan 2010: Frost or snow? Either way, it's white and cold...

No cycling and a Full English Breakfast instead. Now that can't be good for you.
A friend of mine came off his bike in the wintry weather earlier this month and, sadly, broke his arm. He's on the road to recovery but is having difficulty sleeping at night and might have to undergo another operation – here's hoping he doesn't have to. So, when I awoke late this morning and found what looked like a covering of snow on the ground I decided not to go cycling.

I've just heard the weather man on the television talk about widespread frost, so perhaps it's not snow, but either way I feel justified, if not a little disappointed, in not going.

Oversleeping was the main problem and that had a lot to do with not being able to get to sleep until around 1am. When I eventually did sleep, of course, I slept like a log. Why? Because of a large Whisky Mac, that's why. It was 8am when I awoke, then I saw the covering of frost or snow on the ground.

My phone battery was flat so I never heard Bon call; he HAS gone cycling and, as I write this, is probably at Woodmansterne Green. Yes, I do feel a little ashamed at my wimpiness and even now I'm thinking: go on, get dressed, get out there, but I'd rather eat sausages for breakfast. 

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