Saturday, 12 September 2015

Corbyn wins so cut the negative crap and let him get on with it!

Earlier this morning I penned a post about the imminent Labour leadership contest and how I felt that having Jeremy Corbyn as the new leader of the Labour Party would be a good thing, mainly because he brings a different kind of politics to a jaded electorate fed up with the 'spin' and general insincerity dispensed by the sort of politicians we all know and (ahem) love.

Who needs designer labels? Not Corbyn. Expect great things.
What I find scandalous is the way that those very same spin-obssessed, insincere, right-leaning Labour politicians are now moaning about what they believe a Corbyn victory will mean for the party. They are almost on the same platform as the Tories!

I like Michael Fallon – he looks like a politician and he's the perfect 'Minister of Defence' – but he was basically saying this afternoon that Corbyn's victory spelt disaster for the country's security and economic prosperity. But then that's his right, he's a Tory. However, what I find even more irksome is that members of the Labour Party share Fallon's views! I can't believe the doom and gloom surrounding this momentus occasion for the Labour Party.

Everyone forgets that Corbyn is a different animal – and thank the Lord for that! For a start he's sincere. He believes passionately in what he says, he's not what is known as a 'career politician' – he's NEVER held the post of 'advisor' but has, instead, been a strong and long-term supporter of the trades union movement. Look, he's absolutely the right man for the job of leader of the Labour Party. No question! And he should be allowed to get on with the job of 'doing it his way'.

One thing Jeremy Corbyn has done is motivate the younger generation to take an interest in politics and now that he's in charge he should be allowed to get on with the job without members of his own party trying to thwart his ambitions.

It's not Jeremy Corbyn who will damage the Labour Party's ambitions, it's those within his party who believe that he is not the right man for the job. He is the right man for the job. He's honest, he means what he says and says what he means. Give him a chance, for heaven's sake. What the hell is the alternative? Just imagine if it was Liz Kendall or Yvette Cooper. Andy Burnham, well, fine, and commiserations to him, but Corbyn, come on, he's the man. He's so uncool, he's cool: vests, bicycles, vegetarianism, temperance, he's brilliant.

And why is Tristram Hunt looking so down in the dumps? I've recently finished reading Tressell's Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, an edition carrying an introduction by Mr Hunt who is clearly a fan of the book. Well, so is Jeremy Corbyn and I can understand 100% why that novel captured Corbyn's imagination and propelled him along a road that embraced socialism and doing the right thing where the workers are concerned. I challenge anybody to read that book and not want to do something, however small, to sort out the inequalities that exist here and now for ordinary people trying to etch a living in a society dominated by unfairness, greed and selfishness.

Here's to a better future.

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