Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend – two rained-off days and a ride to Westerham

Saturday was appalling: rain all day, like stair rods at times. Cycling was out of the question so 'abort' texts were sent out. Sunday was the same so once again, abort texts. Then, on Monday, there was sunshine, but only Andy and I were going, although I found out that Phil braved the rain on Saturday morning and rode the long route to the Tatsfield Bus Stop. Respect is due!
Digestive biscuits and Tetley tea – shame there was no real milk.

Monday was a fine day for cycling so we rode to Westerham where I had the brainwave of having breakfast in the Tudor Tearooms. Why not? We'd been saying it was about time we had a Full English! But it was not to be; the Tearooms were closed and so was the Costa! Our last resort was the NISA convenience store. Fortunately it had a hot water dispenser and some Tetley-branded paper cups with teabags in them. I decided to push the boat out and bought a packet of digestive biscuits and then Andy and I headed for the green and our bench behind Sir Winston.

The conversation revolved around Cannondale mountain bikes and how (ahem) effeminate-sounding they've turned out to be; take the good old Cannondale Badboy. Say that with an effeminate voice, "I've got a Cannondale Badboy..." and everything starts to get a little camp. And then there's the Leftie. Alright, it's got a funny set of forks, it's a bit 'leftfield', but 'Lefty', 'Bad Boy'... Soon they'll be the Cannondale Liberace and, who knows, perhaps even the Bandit or the Cannondale Chatty Man. Perhaps the creative team needs to get down the pub and start talking about football.
The Nisa Local in Westerham – they serve up a nice cuppa!

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