Sunday, 14 July 2013

Godstone Green and the Tatsfield Bus Stop (the slow way)

The weather here in the UK has been amazing and some say it's related to the heatwave in the USA. How true that is, I don't know, but it's been very hot and more heat has been promised for the coming week. From a cycling perspective, it's been great, as last week's post testified.
Team shot: From the left: Andy, Matt and Phil, Godstone
Green, Sunday 14th July 2013

We're all wearing shorts and tee-shirts and rain is the last thing on our minds. With the sun rising early, I'm finding myself sitting downstairs at just gone 0500hrs, drinking tea and messing around listening to the radio or checking the emails before heading out at 0630hrs and meeting Andy on the Green.

This weekend, we headed out for the Tatsfield Bus Stop, via Hesiers Hill on Saturday, and then, on Sunday, Godstone Green. We haven't been to Godstone for a long while and the first hurdle (quite literally in many respects) was a 'Road Ahead Closed' sign at the top of Slines Oak Road, which, clearly, meant exactly what it said. But we decided to ignore the sign on the basis that 'no roads are closed to us', and then found ourselves climbing over heavy, red, plastic barriers and squeezing through tight spaces until we emerged on the other side, bikes intact. We hadn't been this way for a while, mainly because of my non-existent rear brake and the steep downhills en route. It was good to be there again, although the lake was almost drained of water and was looking a bit down in the dumps.

We parked up and Phil produced the bacon sandwiches while I prepared the tea. Ducks sat by the side of the pond (it's definitely a pond, albeit a large one, although it begs the question: when does a pond become a lake?).

The weather was so good and we all agreed that we could quite easily sit there all day if only we had a few cans and a radio. The fact that Godstone Green has both a pub and a club makes it even more attractive as a venue for simply loitering around on a hot day, although the only problem with drinking beer on a hot day on Godstone Green while in possession of a bicycle and living in the Croydon area, is that a huge hill stands between you and home. Fine when you're sober, but not so good when you're feeling a little sleepy and in need of a kip.

And talking of the hill, we soon found ourselves changing down to a low gear and tackling the problem. On reaching The Ridge we decided to tackle the obstacle course of the closed road rather than go all the way to Botley Hill to avoid it.

We parted company with Andy at the Woldingham end of Slines Oak Road and then hurtled down the hill until we reached Butlers Dene Road where we turned left and wound our way to the Warlingham end of the road and that rather trying obstacle course.

The ride ended just before 1000hrs and the rest of the day was still ahead of us. For me, mum was coming over for lunch and then a swim in Waddon, a new pool that we've taken a fancy to.

As I write this, it's Monday morning and outside the sun is shining brightly, the skies are blue and a hot week lies ahead. Oh to be on South Coast, but no, I'm in Croydon and I've got to work all day... and all week. Still, there's always next week's ride.

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  1. Ah, the hopeful optimism of the next ride. Sunshine indeed has magic within it. Good for you guys over there. Keep on riding and smiling dudes!!!!