Sunday, 7 July 2013

Botley Hill and a slow ride to Tatsfield Bus Stop via Hesiers Hill

I could say it's too hot to ride a bike and most people would probably agree, although, if you go out early enough – say 0630hrs – then it's very pleasant. The heat woke me early – at 0530hrs – so I made some tea and literally pottered around until it was time to meet Phil.
On the road towards St Leonard's Church.

Saturdays are always Botley Hill during term time so off we went laden with tea and chocolate bars. Little to report about the ride other than the weather was amazing and I had a bad dose of hay fever. This weekend has been the worst ever, in my opinion.

After the usual things we do on a Saturday morning, we headed for mum's for lunch and to watch Bartoli beat Lisicki in the Wimbledon women's final. Not a very inspiring match, but at least it's not the usual suspects. In fact, most of the usual players have been knocked out. Lisicki knocked out Serena Williams so why she didn't make an effort in the final is anybody's guess.

After an evening of streaming eyes and a sniffling nose, I went to bed early and awoke early again (at 0530hrs) except this time I'd be going cycling alone. Andy was on holiday and Phil had attended a 50th birthday party so it was a case of self-motivation. But when the weather's hot and sunny, who needs motivation? At 0705 I left the house, having called my brother to see if he fancied meeting at Woodmansterne Green. No answer so I decided to head for the Tatsfield Bus Stop via Hesiers Hill, a tranquil and picturesque route.
More rays of sunshine.
I passed Warlingham Green and headed for Sainsbury's before hanging a left at the roundabout and following the road down to the village of Chelsham where I turned right, passed the Bull public house on my left and continued along the road, past Scotshall Lane towards St Leonard's Church.

On the way I saw a deer running parallel with the bike before crossing the road ahead of me, plus a few rabbits. Rays of sunlight filtered through the trees, the birds chirped away and there was the occasional rustle in the woods. I stopped a few times to take shots of sun rays through the trees and sunny fields and a shot of myself at the bottom of Hesiers Hill and then made steady progress along Beddlestead Lane towards Clarks Lane where I turned left and cycled to the Tatsfield Bus Stop.
Fields along Beddlestead Lane heading towards the bus stop.

Having not been to the bus stop for a while, I enjoyed sitting there, albeit alone, sipping tea and eating a chocolate bar that Phil had given me yesterday morning (I think it was meant for Andy, but hey, he's on holiday and there's nowt better than tea and chocolate, especially sitting in the sunshine at the Tatsfield Bus Stop.

I debated cycling back the way I'd came, but the thought of riding up Hesiers Hill in the hot sun put me off. Instead, I headed for Botley Hill, leaving the bus stop at 0855hrs and reaching Sanderstead Village 30 minutes later.

When I reached home I enjoyed a hearty breakfast of bread and marmalade, Shredded Wheat and a boiled egg with fingers, not forgetting a mug of tea and a bowl of raspberry yoghurt. Lovely! A little bit of gardening followed and then a can of Stella Artois. I fancy another one so I'd better say goodbye.

Yours truly at the bottom of Hesiers Hill – pure tranquility!

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