Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day sunrise...

Sunrise by Andy Smith
I was running a little late this morning on account of being disorganised. What's new? Andy and I met at Warlingham Green at around 0745hrs and headed off towards the Tatsfield Bus Stop where we enjoyed tea, cereal bars and mince pies. There was little in the way of traffic, which was good, 

Halfway along the 269 Andy stopped to take this shot of the sunrise across the fields. 

We're planning on riding out every day this week, weather permitting. Over the Christmas period there has been a lot of rain and it must have rained heavily overnight as there were puddles everywhere, but, like last night, there were clear skies and no sign of rain as we rode along.

On the return trip Andy branched off halfway along the 269 and I carried on towards Sanderstead as usual. Hopefully, the weather won't let us down for the rest of the week.

Being Boxing Day, I'm off to mum's shortly for the 'Boxing Day Bash'. Andy's going to see his mum this afternoon too.

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