Friday, 10 August 2012

The view from my Montreal hotel room...

Holiday Inn, Midtown – the view from room 1601
The time is 0724hrs local time and I've got to go and have breakfast – for which they've provided me with a voucher. I thought I'd take a shot of the view from my bedroom window. As you can see, it's pretty cloudy out there, but it's not cold. Apparently, they've been having really good weather here, but now that I've arrived, of course, it's gone and clouded over.

"We'll also look back at what marked the beginning of the end of Creedence Clearwater Revival..."

Yes, even the morning radio is a tad better quality than back home. I'm listening to Canada's Radio 2 and it's, well, lots of good 'cowboys on the trail' outdoorsy music.

Breakfast beckons! Then on goes the suit and I start working – something else that's the same the world over.

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