Thursday, 9 August 2012

Montreal...I've just arrived

The view for the entire journey looked like this...
Well, I say I've just arrived. We touched down, after a good flight of 6.5 hours (all very smooth but lots of cloud in Montreal) around 8.30pm and it's now 10.44pm. In my world, however, it's 0345hrs (UK time) and I should really be hitting the sack.

Staying in the Holiday Inn, Midtown, in the centre of Montreal. Bit of tacky reception area, I thought, and right now, as I sit here blogging, I can't find any powerpoints in the wall so I'm working off the battery, which is almost flat.
...and this!

It's warm here, which is nice. By warm, I mean outside. Obviously it's warm in the hotel. But listen, I really must be getting some sleep as little things are troubling me. The lift is controlled by a card system and it was taking me a heck of a time to work it out. Eventually, somebody told me how to do it and now I'm in my room and the TV's on. I've been flicking through the channels and managed to catch Usain Bolt's 200m win.

Montreal's a strange place. Everybody speaks and sounds French, perhaps because they are French Canadians!

Anyway, got to work tomorrow so I'm signing off. My plan is to hire a bike and ride around town. I'm here until Sunday afternoon so I should get the opportunity. After Montreal, I fly to Atlanta, Georgia.

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