Friday, 15 June 2012

Bike still in Halford's

Just a brief note to say my bike is still in Halford's being repaired. They're waiting for the part, which is odd. Surely, hydraulic brake pads are kept on site as so many bikes have them and need them replaced. But no, they're waiting for a delivery and they're either getting one today (but I doubt it as it's now 1706 BST and I've not received the call) or tomorrow.

The big question: do I ride out on Max's rather dodgy Specialized Hardrock (buckled rear wheel and other issues) or just resign myself to not going tomorrow? The dilemmas I have to deal with!

Weather's been strange: one minute pouring with rain, then dry and sunny the next. Mid-June and the summer's been a complete wash-out so far, unlike last year, which was amazing from around the end of March (but still people complained). This year? Well, it has been very poor. Right now, mild breeze and cotton wool cloud moving west.

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