Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bike being annual event

My bike in the garage...a sorry site!
After fixing my rear puncture, I tried to get the wheel back on, but couldn't. It meant no cycling for me on Sunday and now the bike's in Halford's being repaired. Something to do with the braking system being magnetic and also needing new pads too.

Andy came round Sunday morning and we drank our tea in my garage and tried to fix the bike, but to no avail. The above photograph is of my bike in my garage minus a rear wheel.

Every year around this time my bike is in the garage being fixed...and for the same reason: the rear brakes.

Looking forward to a ride this weekend. Westerham would be good, but how about the tearooms at Flowers Farm in Godstone, the Tatsfield Churchyard, who knows?

The weather's looking good now: sunshine and blue skies.

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