Sunday, 20 May 2012

Chopper inventor dies

Alan Oakley, the man who invented the Raleigh Chopper bicycle, has died aged 85.  Click here for more.

The original Choppers, like this one, had the gear changer on the crossbar.


  1. I had one! it was called a Barracuda!.. BTW in the previous post you will note the sticker which says cannondale is made in the USA...sadly no longer the case- they are made in China now,,,,,,

  2. Hi, Simon. Hope all is well. I never had a Chopper. I think my mum and dad thought they were downmarket! I always wanted another bike, that look similar, but, if I recall, was more outrageously designed. Anyway, history. I like Cannondales, especially the Leftie, it's got a lopsided front fork.

  3. yes mine is a leftie.. carbon and titanium. They dont "centre steer" like a dual fork ( or should that read just "fork" setup?). However there is a considerable weight saving and you get used to it. Also being inverted it adds strength to it was well. and its a hoot when people look twice at it!