Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter holidays so far...

It's Easter Sunday and we're having a buffet, which means that going for a ride is not a good idea. Why? Because I'm the cook. The main item of the meal, the hot item, is to be cooked by yours truly.

Looking out the window I see rain. Fine rain. It might well have been raining this morning around 5am when I realised that I didn't have time for a ride and sent Andy an 'abort' text, but if it was, I didn't notice. I certainly didn't hear it, probably because it was so fine. Silent rain. Looking outside now, there's a good chance that the ride would have been cancelled. My plan is to go tomorrow. That way I would have completed two rides over the long weekend.
You could say this is a boring photograph and you'd be right. It's of a field
near Woodmansterne Green on Saturday 7th April 2012. I like the bonfire.
I had a broken night on Friday, which led to a late ride to Woodmansterne Green to met Jon. Andy had gone out at the usual time, but I'd aborted due to tiredness. Good Friday? We didn't go out and today, Easter Sunday, no ride for yours truly and I'm wondering whether Andy took the opportunity to lie in.

If we go tomorrow, I'm hoping we'll have time to ride to Westerham. We need a longer distance than the Churchyard or Tatsfield Village and I think the bus stop's out of the question, unless we use it to shelter from the rain.

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