Sunday, 29 May 2011

Woodmansterne Green with Jon – it's been a while!

Jon and Matt, Woodmansterne Green, Saturday 28 May 2011.
When we reached Woodmansterne and were both standing there, sipping tea, we both felt as if it wasn't that long ago since we had last stood there; I said I'd check the blog for confirmation, but it's true, it hasn't been THAT long since Jon and I were here. [It was March when we were last here, the time when I cycled and Jon arrived by car!].

Andy isn't cycling until tomorrow (Bank Holiday Monday) and I won't be going Sunday as I'm staying round at mum's on Saturday night.

The subject of our conversation yesterday (Saturday 28 May 2011) was dad – what else? We're keeping a watch on mum and by that I mean we're taking it in turns to spend the night with her at the house.

Mum's bearing up and so are we, but that's not to say it's any easier. Going round to mum's is odd because there's no dad. His presence is sorely missed, but we all know that mum, while putting on a brave face, is missing that presence most of all. Who can blame her? They've been together for the best part of 60 years and now he's gone.

Tomorrow, Andy and I will be heading out somewhere beyond Botley Hill. The destination has not been decided upon yet and there are so many choices: Westerham; Godstone Green; Tatsfield Village; the Churchyard; the Tatsfield Bus Stop...we'll wait until tomorrow at the Green to make the decision. Which reminds me – I've been talking about finding a new route and I must get down to sorting something out.

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