Friday, 20 May 2011

Weirdness and wonderful weather

May 21st: Two rare things happened to me over the past 24 hours. One, I saw my first Kona Scrap, ie the first one, in six years, that wasn't mine but was identical. For a minute, I thought somebody had stolen my bike, but no, it still had the original saddle and Tioga tyres. It was parked outside a betting shop in Wallington near to Five Ways.

The second odd thing was this morning: I woke up, for the first time in ages, not knowing what day it was. My brain clicked after a second or two that it was Saturday and, fortunately, it was 0540hrs so I jumped out of bed and made some tea. It might have been those two cans of Stella, but what is more likely is that I don't have a routine at present – that's what I hate about freelance journalism and being self-employed: the days merge a bit as the normal working day structure fades. Horrible, horrible, horrible!

Another wonderful day outside. I saw a stag beetle last week, something that's rare enough in the heat of summer, but in May it's just amazing. The hot weather has been a constant now for at least two months and it's great – especially for cycling as it means we don't get soaked, although, if I recall, didn't we have a bit of rain a week or two back?

Outside, at 0644hrs, there's not a cloud in the sky and all is still, no wind, no moving branches, nothing, just stillness.

If you're wondering why I put the date in at the beginning of some of my posts, it's because Blogger's clock is different from the real world. Not all the time, but early in the morning it sometimes gets it wrong. If you're reading this it's because it got it wrong, if you can't read this, well, I was wrong.

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