Saturday, 21 May 2011

To Westerham – and I get a puncture

We're always saying how rare it is these days to get a puncture and how we can't remember the last time one of us suffered this awful fate. Well, it was me on Saturday 21 May. The weather was amazing again and we decided to head for Westerham, a destination neglected for some time. It was a good ride, with some interesting low cloud hanging over the Oxted area but overall sunshine.

You'll have to click on this image to see the low cloud in the foreground.*
This vintage car was made in 1929, the year my dad was born.*
At Westerham, the Rotary Club were having some kind of fete on the green and I commented that England really can be summed up by one phrase: old ladies making cakes. There was a stand devoted to the cause along with plenty of others and Andy and I watched as the fete was being set up, drinking tea and taking in the sunshine.

While the good weather continued for the return journey and Andy and I parted halfway along the B269, as I approached Warlingham Green, the bike began to wobble. I had a puncture! Shit! Haven't had one of those for ages, I thought, as I dismounted near Warlingham Sainsbury's and began the shortish walk to the green where I planned to fix it.

Without a pump, however, I had big problems and resorted to back-up from home. Soon, a car arrived along with the pump and all was well.

By 1055hrs I was on the way home.

* Photos courtesy of Andy.

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