Tuesday, 3 May 2011

To Botley Hill Farmhouse – and back in double-quick time!

Yours truly with a mug of tea outside the Botley Hill Farmhouse, Monday 2 May 2011.
That poster ought to be taken down.

It looks as if both Andy and I felt a little guilty about being out all day on Saturday and ignoring our respective families, so we decided to cut it short on Monday 2 May and cycle to Botley Hill, drink our tea quickly and return home.

Having suffered considerably from the sun on our Saturday excursion, Andy arrived at Warlingham Green looking a bit like a buttered chicken ready for the oven – he was covered in Factor 50 sunblock! Not a bad move, though, as the sun was already hot as the good weather here continues apace. I, being the foolish one, had no sunblock AND a short-sleeved tee-shirt, but being darker than Andy, I don't suffer as much.

So, off we toddled to Botley Hill. The original plan had been the Tatsfield Bus Stop, but we decided to make it a short one and get back home.

Andy took this self-timered shot of us at Longford Lake. Note high strength
beers in hand!
We both agreed that drinking three pints of Harvey's Royal Nuptial Ale was probably a mistake, bearing in mind that we had to cycle home from Longford Lake, and resolved only to drink low-strength beer (and a maximum of two pints) the next time we find ourselves outside of a pub with the bikes.

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