Sunday, 20 March 2011

Tatsfield Bus Stop – it's just the way things are at the moment

Me arriving at Warlingham Green.
Not much in the way of spare cash at the moment, so any thoughts about taking the bike down to the garage to get it fixed are out of the question. There's two things wrong: one, the rear brake has gone completely; and two, the bike won't change down at the front, meaning that hills that are normally fine now mean getting off and walking. As a result, I'm constantly suggesting going to Tatsfield as the hills are okay with just the larger front crank and there's no dodgy downhill stuff that could see me flying headfirst through a hedge – or the radiator of an oncoming car.

At the Tatsfield bus stop.
So, after yesterday's trip to Woodmansterne to meet Jon, who arrived in his car, it's time for a proper ride but only to the Tatsfield bus stop. To be fair, I did consider Westerham as we sped down Clarks Lane on our approach to the bus stop, but decided against it due to time considerations mainly as I can climb out of Westerham with just the front crank and the downhill into town, while touch and go, is fine as I know that stretch of road like the back of my hand. Still, we stopped at the bus stop, chewed the fat, drank tea, munched cereal bars and returned home.

Andy took these photographs.

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